Sophie Edwards

Sophie Edwards

Auckland / I am a mother of two adult children, mother-in-law of one, grandmother of a 18 year old young lady. I love life and love people and have a strong faith in God.
Sophie Edwards
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so cute! When I was a child I loved Frogs!

The most frustrating thing when it comes to trying to talk about problems (even if it's not mental illness) is the other person makes it about themselves and that either they've "had it harder" or "your problem aren't as bad as *insert their problem*" Why do we feel we have to outweigh each other in who has or has had it the worst?  We all go through and process things differently.

Big dog, little dog. How deep is the mud? Depends on who you ask. We all go through the same stuff differently.


Pin it share was my break and Jorge was my break nobody knows how many weekend alone I spent pinining and pining.I owe something to that man and his board.And this is thank you Jorge.

Albino gorilla

Albino gorilla - Snowflake was an albino gorilla. He is the only known albino gorilla so far, and was the most popular resident of the Barcelona Zoo in Spain.

We could do better - Europe does!

All opposite of what American does. In France the doctor comes to your house if you need it, free dental care in England, Germany you get alternative healthcare along with traditional, all free. Why don’t we know this?

Dusky leaf monkey (it is found in Malaysia, Burma and Thailand) holding her baby - Imgur

dusky leaf monkey (it is found in Malaysia, Burma and Thailand) holding her baby…


Coquerel’s Sifaka This little guy is a lemur and lives in the forest of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. This species of lemur, as many others, is Endangered and is only protected within two areas of Madagascar.

I love gemista

Monkey - Sulawesi Crested Black Macaques, they realized they had been caught in their plot