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We add a bit more charcoal using our Charcoal Chimney starter.

Pig Spit smells 'to die for'. All the neighbouring businesses have gathered around.

Wowser! That is one hell of a Hog Roaster! I could eat me some of that crackling!

That is one hell of a Hog Roaster! I could eat me some of that crackling!

How to reuse pieces of an old garden hose (Alternative Energy and Gardning)

How to reuse pieces of an old garden hose How to Make a Raised Garden Bed Cover Project Hoop House

Garden Tower Project » The Homestead Survival | DIY Gardening Box - 25+ garden pallet projects -

DIY Gardening box made from pallets. Perfect for a small yard and ideal for herbs, living lettuce, cucumbers, flowers and plenty more deliciously fresh garden treats

Top 21 The Most Easiest DIY Vertical Garden Ideas With a Big Statement

DYI Pallet Vertical Herb Gardenhave some great pallet garden bed for you herb garden by using some rustic pallet skids lying in our backyard for nothing. This came up with as a very thrifty and adorable way to get a chic garden place.

square foot garden bed...i will be building this...eventually...

Raised garden bed - pinning mostly to remind myself - it's not hard! and it gives you delicious veggies. It also improves the look and feel of a boring, small backyard. Maybe along side of the garage?


*** LOVE THE TRELLIS IDEA AND THE STONE PATHS! *** Vegetable boxes incorporated into small yard. Note the trellis at the back of each bed. This would be very pretty along the back and provide a place to attach vines and fruit branches.

Raised bed garden. This is so practical yet very pretty to look at.

The Elegant Raised Garden Diy Easy Access Raised Garden Bed is one of the pictures that are related to the picture before in the collection gallery.

"ODIN'S EYE" by RAIDHO | Redbubble

ODINS EYE To comprehend the mystery of the runes, Odin brought himself in sacrifice, and nine days and nights hung on the trunk of Yggdrassil, nailed to it by his own spear Gungnir.

beef cut chart

Beef Cuts Of Meat Butcher Chart Poster Angus Beef