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504 round rubberband gatling gun! Rubber Band Toy, Reloading Room, Male Toys, Cardboard Model, Wooden Toys Plans, Woodworking Toys, Wall Shelves Design, Wood Crafts Diy, Woodworking Workshop
504 round rubberband gatling gun!
a wooden chess board with pieces on it
Ponder 3D Chess Board http://gotopatentlawfirm.com/wordpress/ponder-3d-chess-board/
a man standing next to a framed chess board
The Vertical Chess Set - Hammacher Schlemmer
A vertical chess set. Can have an active game going for weeks without it being in the way.
four different types of wooden boats are shown in this image, and the bottom one is made out of plywood
Student Invents Terminator Rubber Band Gun That Fires 672 Rounds in 48-Seconds
If you thought being flicked by a rubber band hurt, imagine being shot at by the Rubber Band Rambo Gatling gun that pings out 672 elastic stingers in just 48 seconds - that's 14 shots per second fired up to 26 feet. Ukranian student and inventor Alexander Shpetniy created the gun with a $5,000 Kickstarter goal. He's now about to hit $100,000.
the wooden model is being assembled and ready to be used as an art project for children
Site en construction
a man is working on a model of a house made out of wood and nails
Miniature Ballista Kit - Wooden Desktop Warfare
The ballista was an ancient artillery weapon that looked similar to a crossbow, but was more like a missile for the Greek and Roman Empires. Here's a desktop-sized one for the office.
a wooden object with several different types of buttons on the ground next to some screws
Crossbow Pistol
Picture of Crossbow Pistol