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Tattooist Flower butterfly tattoo

love how delicate this is and the lines, colour and use of 2 butterflies I like the placement, also considering front collarbone or inner forearm for the placement

Star tattoo design by TayGriff -this is the design I had in mind when I got my butterflies but they didn't turn out this way, so I had them covered with a lily

Star tattoo design by TayGriff. For me, personally, Lily would be only outlined with shading and stars would be the colors of my kids' birth month. Oh, and this would either be a side piece, part of my half sleeve or a hip/leg piece

22 Photos of Inspiring Heartbeat Tattoos

We all know how important and how much of an impact has a symbol of heart on everybody. Somebody's life and somebody's love can mean the world, so why not

Amazing Tattoo Idea

Babies Heart Beat Tattoo picture created by Christina Hernandez. Image tagged with: babies heart beat tattoo, heart beat tattoo, tattoo, baby and was added on

ECG pulse tattoo on the arm

A tattoo showing an EKG type of figure on the arm, resembling the pulse.