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raw ground meat in a bowl next to potatoes, onions and spices on a tray
French Meat Pie - Happy Homeschool Nest
French Meat Pie
a pan filled with mussels and sauce on top of a table
Mouclade French mussels in cream sauce and curry
Mouclade is a famous dish from La Rochelle on the west coast of France in which mussels are cooked in a creamy curry sauce.
spinach and cheese crepes in a skillet with the title above it
Spinach & Cheese Crepes
1h 30m
a white plate topped with lasagna covered in cheese and spinach toppings
There Are So Many Ways to Fill a Crepe, but These Are Our Favorites
a casserole dish filled with mashed potatoes and garnished with herbs
25 French Dishes that are Better than a Vacation in Paris
a bowl filled with cooked potatoes on top of a table
Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe
This Lyonnaise Potatoes recipe with caramelized onions and finished with a hint of vinegar for the most flavorful potato side dish ever.
a freshly baked quiche on a blue plate with a white napkin next to it
French Meat Pie - Happy Homeschool Nest
French Meat Pie - Happy Homeschool Nest
some sausage rolls are on a white plate
French onion sausage rolls
French onion soup mix adds lovely flavour to these sausage rolls. With a few extra ingredients, you can whip them up to feed a crowd in no time at all.
cherry clafoutis recipe on a white plate
Classic Cherry Clafoutis Recipe
Looking for an incredible easy to make Dessert? Try this amazing cherry clafoutis recipe. While this classic French dessert recipe is made with cherries, it can also be made with blueberry for a fun twist. The cherries can also be swapped out with strawberries, pears, raspberries, or plums in this delicious flan like recipe. #dessert #cherries #Frenchrecipes #flan
a white bowl filled with meat and beans
Duck Cassoulet Recipe (Cassoulet de Canard)
This classic French Duck Cassoulet Recipe is slow-cooked beans with vegetables and herbs that are then baked with duck confit and sausage for an unbelievable meal.
an apple pie on a table with apples in the background
Normandy Apple Tart (Tarte Normande)
a cheesy potato casserole in a white dish with text overlay
The Secret to Better Mashed Potatoes? Cook Them Like The French Do.
The Secret to Better Mashed Potatoes? Cook Them Like The French Do.