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the instructions for how to make a dispenser with paper towels and soap
DIY Cell Phone Holder for when you need a charge!
the instructions for how to make a diy fabric covered basket with soap and lotion
Charger holder
charger holder
a pair of scissors and some purple paper
Easy DIY Cardboard Device Holder For Charging
a woman in a dress made out of newspapers
Amazing newspaper "ensemble" - amazing site of dresses made from anything but cloth
two pictures of a woman wearing a dress made out of newspaper strips on the runway
Newspaper Runway Dress
a dress made out of newspapers on a mannequin
Homage to Lesley Dill
Newspaper Dress with lovely texture detail // fashion meets art. This dress is poportioned perfectly to the pont where it looks like something cute to wear out. I enjoy how the person only used news paper to make it look so form fitting. It looks elegant and worth money instead of just recyecled news paper.