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a drawing of a girl holding a cell phone in her hand and looking at the screen
a drawing of a woman in a black dress with her back turned to the camera
a woman sitting on the ground writing with a pen
a woman with long black hair wearing a plaid shirt
Frases Inspiradoras - Frases Cortas - Frases Motivadoras - Frases EFE
a woman standing on the sidewalk with her hand in her pocket and wearing white pants
a pink background with the words in spanish
three women sitting on top of a roof with their hands in the air and laughing
a quote that says, nah girl you have what it takes stand in that own that i
a woman with long hair holding flowers in front of her face and the words el mundo pade a gritos gente con
Yo Soy Esencia ❤️♾🙏🏻🥰
a drawing of a woman in a white hat and jacket with flowers on her shoulder
a woman with her hand on her hip looking down at her stomach and the words in spanish above her