Yoshi Sudarso
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Asian man with long white hair

Actor/Model/Stuntman Yoshua "Yoshi" Sudarso was born in Indonesia and moved to Los Angeles at the age of nine.

Laguna Loire, from Final Fantasy 8

Some people forget that Final Fantasy VIII had a second main character to complement Squall Leonhart. Square Enix reminds them by adding Laguna Loire to the fighting roster of Dissidia

Laguna and Squall

bad id black hair blue eyes brown hair casual dissidia 012 final fantasy dissidia final fantasy earrings father and son final fantasy final fantasy viii fujimaru gloves gun gunblade jacket jewelry jumping laguna loire machine gun multiple bo

Laguna & Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) #ff8

Laguna and Squall Luv it especially Laguna's manic grin XD