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Mermaid witch

skcgsra: “mermaid witch aesthetic (requested) { more here } { request here } ”

glitter witch aesthetic (more here)

Definitely doing a white and blue version of this for the Winter Solstice this year!


This is totally me. sweet-tempered witch aesthetic (requested) { request here } { more here }

modern healers (or white witch): Young girls with strong magic & the will…

Young girls with strong magic & the will of the good thrumming through their veins. They spend their days tending their herb gardens, crafting flower crowns imbued with kind thoughts, brewing love potions & pain stoppers, & piecing jewelry to bring luck.


I love how geometric and straight it is. The designer did a great job making it simple and yet still easy to read the word WAVE. The fact that the A and the V tie into each other is eye catching because it takes a second to catch on what it is.