Māori Architecture

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four diagrams showing different types of buildings in the same drawing style, with text below
relation to ground study WFSmith Architecture - Nam Quang Temple
an architectural drawing of a landscape with trees and mountains in the background, as well as buildings
Galería de Concurso público de ideas Parque Colsubsidio - Parque Juan Amarillo / DARP - De Arquitectura y Paisaje - 10
DARP, mención honrosa en concurso de ideas del Parque Juan Amarillo en Bogotá,Isométrico general. Image Cortesía de DARP
two pictures side by side one shows a building and the other shows an empty street
Arboreal Architecture: Taking Inspiration from Trees
backlit perforated metal screen architecture - Google Search
a model of a building with wooden slats on the floor and walls, in front of a window
Gallery of "A Kit of Parts": Mobile Classrooms by Studio Jantzen - 2
"A Kit of Parts": Mobile Classrooms by Studio Jantzen,Courtesy of Studio Jantzen
an architectural model of a building on top of a white surface with people walking around it
Troll Wall Restaurant by Reiulf Ramstad Architects in the Romsdal Valley, Norway.
an architectural drawing shows the various parts of a structure that is made up of several different angles
Winner of APPLIED: Research Through Fabrication Competition