Younique 3D Fiberlash Mascara

Get 300x's your lash length and thickness with the all natural 3D Fiberlash Mascara made from collagen and green tea fibers! It's all natural and will make your lashes grow with continued use.

Introduce the NEW Fiberlash Mascara PLUS! - lash magnification, - New fibers with Uplift eye serum, New wand, new tubes, the list goes on! Contact me to find out more!

Uplift is in the providing nourishment to your lashes while you are wearing it.

TechniqueTuesday: Preserve your Transplanting Gel by swirling the brush around inside the tube to coat the brush. When you pumping the brush inside the tube you mix a lot of air into it, which may dry the gel out.


Who wants to join me in ending the short lash epidemic? I'm doing it one lash at a time and not stopping until all the women are Lashtastic!

I don't care how short your natural lashes are, this mascara will help you! No mess, no glue, no hassle or damage of extensions or falsies!