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an inflatable fake shark is on the lawn
This Shark cut out is made from 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood. It was used for photos of kids in mouth. And a fish toss game, see how many fish you can toss through its mouth
a plastic tub filled with blue liquid and lots of stickers on top of it
I Spy Party {I Spy Treasure Hunt} I Spy Party {I Spy Treasure Hunt}
a pirate name sign is hanging on the wall
Pirate Party - Miss Frugal Fancy Pants
Pirate Party Names | Make White Paper Look Old |
an image of a house that is on instagram
Arg Matey! It’s a Pirate party! Part 2 Decorations
Brecken & Tristan's 4th Birthday: Pirate Party | Lead your guests to the party entrance where X marks the spot! {Love The Day}
children playing with black balls in an indoor gym
A PiRatE PaRRrtY!
swab the deck game - blogger put together an awesome pirate themed kids party
a young boy standing next to a tree with the words pirate party treasure hunt written on it
Pirate Birthday Party Treasure Hunt - Jessica N. Turner | The Mom Creative
All the details to plan an awesome #pirate treasure hunt, complete with clues, a map and easy DIY signs. A must-pin! #kids #birthday
the cover of 21 outdoor crafts to make with your kids, including wind chimes
21 DIY Wind Chimes & Outdoor Ornaments Kids Can Make
21 Outdoor Ornaments {to Make with Your Kids}
a cake made to look like a frog's face with carrots and cucumbers on it
Crocamole – Kids In The Kitchen
Crocamole! Fun way to serve guacamole in the avocado shell.maybe at a Jake & the Neverland pirates party.
oranges cut up and placed on cutting boards
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Need to try this…with jello shots!
a pink octopus hanging from the ceiling in a room with stars and streamers on it
octopus made with balloon and streamers. Just need to make it blue for my little guy
a three tiered cake with pirate decorations on it's sides and a skull in the middle
Pirate cake for silent auction? Instead of gold balls, make them look like gold bars, no name or age
there are two pieces of fruit that have boats on them
Jelly Boats
Jelly boats. Made these for my son's last birthday and plan to every year I can get away with them!
children are playing with bags in the yard
ahoy, pirate party!
Burlap sack race for a backyard pirate party. Fun!