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19 Screenshots That Will Make You Feel Overwhelmingly Nostalgic


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These free AI apps can take a sentence you type and turn it into a realistic painting or image.

AI & Editing

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Discover its historical significance, uncover major design elements, and learn how to seamlessly integrate this classic charm into your living space. Create an atmosphere that stands the test of time. american colonial | traditional | french | english | american | german | architecture | interior design | design inspo | home inspo | interior design | history | styles | design movement
Architecture Site Analysis Diagrams and Symbols - an important part of the architecture site analyse process is presentation, and the need to be able to successfully represent and present the findings and results via varied architectural presentation methods and styles.  In almost all instances, one of the most effective methods of site analysis presentation is to include a map based diagram or drawing, with graphic and symbol overlays to show the sites characteristics and features.
Looking at the characteristics of various types of landscape architecture in history.

Architecture & Interior Design

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Free Art Lessons on Youtube for Homeschoolers - Wander Homeschooling

Art Education

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Art supplies that offer structure or that allow to relax and let go, Art supplies that evoke emotions or that enable you to express yourself!Use this List to know what you need when you are making an Art Journal/Collage/Drawing or Painting. Materials for Creative Art/Therapeutic Art/Art Supplies. #arttherapy #artsupplies

Art Therapy

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CANDLE DYE BLOCKS: The candle making kit contains 24 packs of dyes of different colors for wax candles. CANDLE MAKING WAX DYE: Suitable for wax and paraffin bases. These dye chips for candles don?t clot and the candle surface doesn?t flake or tarnish with time. SOY CANDLE WAX DYE: We recommend using 2 bags/8 cubes for 1 lb of candle CANDLE WAX SAFETY: We present you only with the best quality product. These wax flakes are cruelty free and vegan. They are animal friendly, irritant and stain free, and gentle to skin.
PRICES MAY VARY. 🎁Complete Candle Making Kit: This candle making kit comes with 95 pieces accessories, including 1*600ml Stainless Steel Pouring Pot, 4*200g Beeswax, 6*Candle Wick Bases, 1*Mixing Spoon, 12*2.5Oz Candle Tins, 5*Silicone Candle Molds, 2*56 piece glue dots, 100*4.9 Cotton Wicks, 1*Thermometer, 6*Fragrance Oil, 6* Dye Blocks, 1*User Manual, 12 Pieces Marking Labels. Complete Candle Set is ideal for beginners and adults to diy different scented and colored candles. 🌺Develop A Skill


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50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements: A Complete Guide
Looking for a way to teach your students the deeper meaning behind a director and their cinematographer's shot composition, music use, camera movements, and more?This slideshow will walk you and your students through the basics of what makes a great movie and how students can turn their own films into something extraordinary.The LessonThe slideshow covers the following categories:Framing & Shot CompositionLightingSoundEditing / Filming TechniquesEach slide provides information and visual exa


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Introduction to Tapestry Looms and Tapestry Weaving | Tapestry loom, Weaving loom diy, Tapestry loom weaving


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Dreamy pastels color palette, baby pink, baby blue, creamy magenta, mauve, lilac, denim, cotton candy color palette. Disneyland vibes
99 Shades of Pink Color With Names, HEX, RGB, & CMYK

Design - Color theory

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Oprah Solid Oak Square Tapered Furniture Legs

Design - Furniture

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focal perspectives
Confused about the difference between photography styles and types? A quick search for photography styles will give you examples like landscape, portrait, family, wedding, etc. But, those are actually photography types. Photography style examples include: Light & airy, Dark & moody, Black & white, Vivid color, Natural, Candid, Dramatic, etc. Your photography style is what will set you apart from other photographers, and draw clients to you if that is your goal!
Portrait photography is a versatile genre of photography and it comes down to capturing your subject’s personality. Understanding the different types of portrait photography will help you diversify your portfolio and expand your creativity as a photographer. | #portraitsrefined #photography #portraits #portraitphotography #portraitinspiration #photographytips

Design - Photography

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Sketchbook by Kelly Custer at

Design - Product

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Starting a T-shirt business is easy and inexpensive with a heat press. There are 5 different heat printing methods to choose from: Screen Printed Transfers, CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Materials, Digital Full-Color Transfers, Rhinestone Transfers, and Heat Pr
Are you interested in starting a Print on Demand business? Before you start, take a look at these lessons learned. This will help you to get started!

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artwithV [licensed for non-commercial
12 beautiful skeins of DMC cotton hand embroidery thread.
15 Easy Hand Embroidery Patterns Perfect for Gift Giving - Ideal Me


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Shoe Anatomy Guide - 40 Different Parts of a Shoe with Names & Images
17 Types of Seams that Every Professional in the Textile Industry should Know. . #fashion #design #industry #hems #sewing #techpack #seams #techniques #types #uses #properties #sewingseams

Fashion & Accessories Design

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In this article, we have collected some hot design topics that you should follow in order to master your talents in the right direction, create up-to-date infographic templates, and as a result, be a high-demand graphic specialist. #howtocreateinfographics #infographicsdesign


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Creating stunning macrame accessories can be super easy when you create any of these wonderful diy macrame projects for beginners. These beginner macrame projects are super easy for anyone to make to have more diy macrame crafts.


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Mandala, Zentangle & Other Patterns

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PRICES MAY VARY. THE ULTIMATE ART KITS FOR ADULTS – This Artist painting set will blow your mind. Our Deluxe paint kit is the perfect bundle for all skill levels, if you are a beginner or an artist you will relish in this art kit. Our paint kits for adults contains all paint supplies and accessories, including a field easel, table top easel, acrylic, watercolor and oil paint tubes, painting pads, stretched canvases and canvas panels, drawing pencil, eraser and all painting supplies. 3 SETS OF 24
Viewing and learning about all types of painting styles is a great way to boost your creativity and explore the world of art. You may find something new and interesting, take your art in a whole new direction or solidify ideas you already have. Click to learn about some different art styles and find something that motivates you. #artstyles #artists #abstractart #impressionism


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Aristotle's Six Elements of Drama : Infographics

Performing Arts

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- This set includes 20 bags -10g/ Bags natural dried flower herbs: Rose petals,Don't forget me,Fig,Lemon,Colorful Chrysanthemum,Gomphrena,Lavender,Lotus seed hear,Sophora japonica,Rose,Foetus chrysanthemum,Albizia folwer,Jasmine,Siraitia grosvenorii,Lemongrass,Red plum,Peony,Calendula officinalis,Lily,Mallow flower. Keep in a dry environment or refrigerator to prevent insect breeding.
NATURAL SOAP RECIPES. 20+ Homemade all natural homemade bar soap recipes, plus tips and tricks on how to make your own soap at home.
Soap Recipes DIY - Sushi Soap - DIY Soap Recipe Ideas - Best Soap Tutorials for Soap Making Without Lye - Easy Cold Process Melt and Pour Tips for Beginners - Crockpot, Essential Oils, Homemade Natural Soaps and Products - Creative Crafts and DIY for Teens, Kids and Adults


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Ultimate Guide to 3D Lettering: How to Give Your Lettering Dimension

Typography, Lettering, & Calligraphy

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