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Decking your nails out in seasonal and patterned designs is fun, but there's nothing more chic and timeless than a classic nude manicure. But if you occasionally want to give your manicure an understated punch, pale nails aren't limited to one solid

Hay bales for outdoor seating, great for a fall party. Awesome idea and probably a lot cheaper than renting chairs...and you can use it as compost / mulch in the garden.

HaPPiLy EVeR AfTeR SiGn - Fairy Tale Style Lettering - DiReCTioNaL Wedding SiGnS - 4ft Stake - RuSTic & WooDLanD Wedding Sign - Dark Stain

Have each guest sign a small wooden heart and drop it in a shadow box frame. This creative guest book becomes a fun piece of art in your home after the wedding.