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there is a wall hanging made out of hairbrushes and other items on the wall
Macrame Hair Clip Holder / Claw Clip Organizer / Handmade
Get organized with this handmade Macrame Hair Claw Clip Holder. Will hold small clips, large clips and even barrettes. Approximate size 30 inches including wood ring and fringe tail. Wall hook not included. Hair clips not included. We suggest using a Command wall hook.
there are several baskets hanging on the wall next to a potted plant with eggs in them
Hanging Wall Vegetable Fruit Baskets, Jute Hanging Basket, Wall Planters, Teardrop Hanging Basket, Kitchen Hanging Storage, Farm House Basket, by Aousthop - Walmart.com
an open refrigerator filled with drinks and ice buckets next to bottles on the shelves
5.3l Large Capacity Cold Kettle With Faucet Refrigerator Cold Water Drink Dispenser Tea Milk Drinkware Kitchen Cool Water Bucket
How to roll bath towels like a luxury resort #bathtowels
Store all your favorite jewelry pieces in one place with this easy DIY!
Underwear drawer storage