The creations came from 123 designers from across the globe - including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand Poland, China and Hong Kong. Pictured is Kaleidoscope by Australian Tess Tavener Hanks

2015 Wearable Technology Award Runner-Up winner The Piper Of The Lights, Chris & Gary Wilson, New Zealand

Oranges, blues, purples and yellow made up Primary Sunset. Its creators were Sean Purucker and David Candelaria, from the US

The Stitch Witch, Sarah Seahorse & Luna Aquatica, Victoria University

Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art Awards’ Show 2015 sees Nelson’s Peter Wakeman take top honours

Pleiades - an homage to the star cluster, The Pleiades, found in the constellation of Taurus - appears above and was in the others worlds section

American Express Open Section Winner Tinker by Jeff Thomson, Auckland NZ

This spectacular creations is To Be Or Not To Be from Joanna Peacock of the UK. It spanned over three people and depicted a queen bee and her worker bees