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several different types of laptops sitting on top of each other in various stages of construction
Adjustable/Portable Multiple angle Stand for Apple MacBook
Adjustable/Portable Multiple angle Stand for Apple MacBook
several different angles of an open laptop on a wooden table with multiple images of the same surface
laptop stand....cardboard!
there are many pictures of different houses made out of cardboard boxes on the floor and in front of them is a dog house
צעצוע של ארגז: הכנת בית מקרטון
Cardboard House
an animal made out of cardboard sitting on top of a white wall
Fox Mask - Jacqui Oakley Art / Papercraft
a man working on a sculpture in his studio
Procession of the Species Madison
cardboard masks
six pieces of carved wood sitting on top of a white surface with holes in the middle
la iidiotó
LESSON 2: Objective- working in small groups, students will create a cardboard relief that illustrates an EoA, while working in a series (about 4-9 pieces). Later, combine each series set to create 1 large display of the elements of art. Maybe exclude the EoA: Color.
the cardboard house is made to look like it has been built into the floor and walls
What a great DIY cardboard playhouse! After our movers leave and we are alone in the house we will have to make this!
cardboard houses are stacked on top of each other
Cardboard favela - if only mine was so good. This is art!
an old, worn and dirty object on a black background
Touching Stone Japanese pottery, ceramics, & sumi-e Gallery