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a needled white doll is standing on a wooden surface with her arms spread out
How to make a fairy from wool roving - an easy tutorial
How to make a fairy from wool roving - an easy tutorial
four images show how to make needle felt angels
Christine Schäfer - Magic Wool Fruit Children
Floris Books felting tutorials
a stuffed animal wearing a witches hat and holding a green object in it's hand
Needle Felt Witch Black Cat Halloween Witch Black Witch - Etsy UK
an angel doll with white hair and stars on its body sitting on a wooden table
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Needle Felted, CHOOSE Silver or Gold Stars, Christmas, Tree Top, Angel, Heirloom, Tree topper, Waldorf, White, Xmas,Nativity, White, Star
a white angel ornament hanging from a string
Fensterschmuck - Schutzengel mit Kristall aus Märchenwolle - ein Designerstück von sommerli bei DaWanda
an angel doll with white feathers on its back and wings spread out in the air
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Weihnachtsdeko - Weihnachtsengel, Wollengel, Filz, Engel Wolle - ein Designerstück von filzweiber bei DaWanda
a doll is sitting on top of a table
Needle Felted Witch | Etsy
Needle felted witch | Etsy
an orange and black stuffed animal with a witch hat on it's head, holding a stick
This item is unavailable - Etsy
This is an autumn ornament: a magic witch fairy conjures over a fire. There are a lot of small details that decorate her outfit. The fairy toll about 24 cm, 10.