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Mercury Drop (Hg) is the only chemical element (metallic) that is liquid at ambient temperature.

Boron! Get it? No? Darn it.

You Don't know the Element of the Periodical Table? What a Boron! What a Boron

Heh heh

Funny pictures about Told a chemistry joke in class today. Oh, and cool pics about Told a chemistry joke in class today. Also, Told a chemistry joke in class today.

Hg Mercury  The only liquid metal ever!!

You would think that avoiding toxic metals would be a simple process, but it really isn’t. The primary sources of heavy metal exposure

Save the Natives | Trello

Save the Natives

Thirty-One DIY Carnival Games for a Rockin' Party

SINGING TIME IDEA: Could make this into a singing time game.Ping pong toss carnival game can make "witches hat" with black cups

Backyard carnival bean bag toss

Bean Bag Toss - Label paint cans with the numbers or points awarded for each throw. For a fun variation on traditional beanbags, use beanbag animals. Way to use my old paint cans.