Gift Ideas for Martial Artists

Wish list, bucket list, and gift ideas for #WingChun artists, #MartialArts fans, and those who like #kungfu #budo... You know who I mean.
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21.7 Awesome Wing Chun Gifts for the Holidays --
#WingChun holiday shopping list. Cool holiday gift ideas for Wing Chun Kung Fu martail artists.
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Darn it!
Celebrate International #WingChun Day on Saturday 21, 2015. Get special discounts tomorrow by subscribing to the WingChunLife Newsletter and choose the "Special Offers" option.
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21.7 Awesome Wing Chun Gifts for the Holidays --
The holidays and martial arts were made for each other. 24 Awesome Wing Chun Gifts for the Holidays, die-hard martial arts fans, and self-defense...
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My First 'Cold Steel' Parking Lot Sale
Cold steel Code 4 folding knife. Great for everyday carry needs. Strong, sharp, yet it has a thin profile so it's not bulky in your pocket. I love mine.
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3 Options to Killer Black Friday and Cyber Monday Wing Chun Deals --
A useful and comprehensive resource on finding #WingChun #KungFu gifts, gear, videos, and more for the #martialarts fan in your life. Seriously, this list everything from dit da jow, weapons, to pets!
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The Rumble Roller has been most used self-massage, self-rehab tool. I use it almost daily. On my thighs, calves, back, lower lumbar, chest/peck, neck, lats, triceps, even biceps. As long as I can get leverage on it, I can use this to massage away the soreness and tightness... just so I can do it all over again.
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the Display/Masters Collection
A Big Buddha gift. A traditional TEAK wooden dummy. This is definitely on my wish list! It's gorgeous, like a piece of heirloom furniture.
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Hells yeah! A self-defense umbrella that is nearly indestructible and can be carried on planes... and it does a good job keeping out the rain too.
two white knives with black handles on each end and one has a metal handle that is attached to it
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords by Cold Steel. My sifu has a pair. These come sharp and ready for cutting, slicing, and chopping action!
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If you got knives, blades, or swords, you have to have a whetstone to keep them sharp, polished, honed, and ready for battle. This one by Masahiro has great reviews and comes in a set of two stones, with three grits: rough, medium, and fine. I find that sharpening knives and bringing them back to working form is a great way to relieve stress. It has something to do with the motion, the sound, and slicing through a sheet of paper at the end :-)
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9 foot long dragon pole. It's hard to find long fighting poles. 9 feet (2.74m) is long enough. Longer than a Bo staff. You're not going to be able to spin and twirl "6 and half point" pole, that's not how you use dragon poles.