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Incredible Manipulated Self-Portraits by Annegien Schilling #inspiration #photography

What about combining this with tin-type photography-feeling portrait and a smoke bomb? If I title the album "Gasoline"?

Pinterest: OliviaJord

Pinterest: OliviaJord

Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school  Kate Powell

This sequence of work (primarily Kate Powell A Level Art sketchbook pages) shows experimentation with media and the exploration of compositional ideas. Artist influences are chosen cleverly: seamlessly integrating with her own aesthetic.

girl, fashion, and hair image

Spylight - the first digital closet collection. Spylight curates the most influential fashion in Hollywood - Shop looks worn by your favorite characters from film and television, as well as celebrity fashion worn off screen.

Colorful and Magical Instagrams by Brighton Galvan #inspiration #photography

Brighton Galvan is a talented young self-taught photographer, retoucher and creative director based in Santa Barbara, California.