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a man wearing a hat with his hands in front of his face and the caption reads, erarabutter - fanpage big family
●Hi people...I wanted to thank everyone because this page is growing and it's all thanks to you. Now we are a one big family....Many people write to me and make me compliments on the page and I'm very very happy. In the end we have all of them the same passion ... our Gerard Butler and we always supported him. I always committed to browse photos and videos that can you like...i hope to go on with this great affection!! thank you very much..you are simply fantastic❤● #gerardbutler #love ...
a shirtless man standing in front of a body of water with boats behind him
Misha's Corner
Gerard Butler. OH MY!
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Gerard Butler
a man wearing sunglasses sitting in the back of a truck
Luke Bryan
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Mmmm......Gerard Butler
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Alexander Skarsgard
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Here Comes the King
Alexander Skarsgård
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Alexander Skarsgard
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Alexander Skarsgård
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Luke! Bryan
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Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
Matt Smith