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a woman standing in front of a house with shutters open
before and after photos of a brick house with flags on the front porch, and in the back yard
Projects - BrickImaging
before and after shots of a two story brick apartment building with green shutters on the windows
Brick staining
the steps are made out of bricks and painted with different colors
before and after photos of a painted brick rancher
Painted Brick Reveal
a fire hydrant sitting in front of a brick wall on the side of a building
Projects - BrickImaging
the same brick wall is shown in two different colors, one gray and one white
Is Painting Brick A Good Idea? | BrickImaging | Stayntech®
a bench in front of a brick wall with different shades of grey and yellow on it
Projects - BrickImaging
a front porch with steps leading to the door and potted plants on either side
Taupe Home Exterior
a house that has two windows on the side of it and is blue with white trim
Luxury Custom Home Builders: Exterior Photos - Balducci Inc.
a house that is gray and brown in color
Best Home Builder in Richmond, Virginia - Balducci Inc.
a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a brick wall in front of a house
Black stained exterior brick