The natural geothermal wonders of Te Whakarewarewa Valley
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a man and woman eating food in front of a geyser
Experience Traditional Maori Culture & Heritage | Whakarewarewa
the sun shines brightly over a body of water with trees in the background and fog on the ground
Sunrise over Lake Roto-a-Tamaheke.
steam rises from the ground behind a wooden fence
Steam from the geothermal vents in the Rahui area at Whakarewarewa - the Living Maori Village.
an image of a hot spring with steam coming from the water and people standing around it
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Whakarewarewa Earths thinnest crust An entire population heated entirely by geothermal heat!
an aerial view of a river with steam rising from it's sides in the distance
Whakarewarewa Thermal Park, Rotarua: Whakarewarewa Thermal reserve is a park of geothermal activity such as hot thermal springs and hot bubbling mud pools. Amidst this is a Maori village which has been inhabited for 200+ years and maximizes the benefits of the thermal activity.
an old - fashioned geyser spewing water into the air
The 30 meter high Pohutu Geyser erupting, Te Puia (New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute), Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand. | Blaine Harrington III
The 30 meter high Pohutu Geyser erupting within Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley.
an image of the surface of saturn taken from space
Bubbling and boiling mud-pools at Whakarewarewa - the Living Maori Village.
steam rises from the ground in front of houses
The Majestic Whakarewarewa Thermal Village, Rotorua
Whakarewarewa is a geothermal area within Rotorua city in the Taupo Volcanic Zone of New Zealand.
steam rises from the ground near water and rocks in an area that looks like it's melting
The geyser flats in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley where the Pohutu and Prince of Wales Feathers Geysers play.
the water is green and yellow with steam coming out of it's back ground
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Rotorua is in a region that is still volcanically active & the landscape as seen today has been largely shaped by swift, violent & cataclysmic volcanic forces. Underground heat & faults in the rock from volcanic activity, combined with water, allow the water, mud & steam access to the surface. Thus the landscape continues to be formed as dynamically as in the past.
a geyser spewing water into the sky with a rainbow in the background
GEYSERS, WHAKAREWAREWA, NEW ZEALAND The fountain of the Prince of Wales Feathers geyser shoots aslant up into the sky, serving as a prelude to the eruption of the neighbouring Pohutu geyser, which shoots upright into the sky. This spectacle repeats up to 20 times a day.
a white hat sitting on top of a puddle of water
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Hot Mudpools! Whakarewarewa Geothermal Village, Rotorua, New Zealand
the water is blue and steam rises from the ground
Parekohuru whakarewarewa thermal village