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an aerial view of a city street with cars
Protected Intersections For Bicyclists. Protected bike lanes are the latest approach US cities are taking to help their residents get around... Incorporate in urban planning.
several people are walking up and down the stairs with bicycles on their backs, while two men in suits stand next to them
It's all small staff
Staircase fitted with a generous bike rail at Copenhagen Central Train Station. Click image to enlarge & visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> http://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/
a pink bike parked next to a curb on the side of a road with grass
Main Page
zorgcentrum de boomgaard | Ars Horti
an outdoor garden with water features and plants
Chelsea Flower Show 2011 – Press Day Highlights
Ecoulement de l'eau
an iron grate in the middle of a street
Cast Iron Drainage Grate | Concurso de ideas Birco
a long metal grate sitting on the side of a road next to green grass
Drain Grate Detail at Walk of the Heroines, Portland State University, Portland, OR. Click to enlarge & visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> http://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/
a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a road next to a sidewalk and trees
bicycle parking and map kiosk, Portland, OR
Stormwater planter, Portland, OR by SVR. Visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> http://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/
a drain in the sidewalk with grass growing out of it
Bioswale – Arthur Smid
Beautiful bioswales help restore the water cycle in Portland, OR. Click image for many more examples, and visit the Slow Ottawa 'Streets for Everyone' board for more sustainable design ideas.
a sidewalk with plants and flowers on the side walk next to apartment buildings in an urban setting
Private Site
Swales as part of the stormwater management plan for Portland’s South Waterfront. Photo courtesy Nevue Ngan Assoc.
a wooden bridge over a small creek surrounded by tall grass and plants in front of apartment buildings
The Meriwether-033
bioswale for stormwater treatment at the Meriwether mixed use development, Portland
an empty street with people walking on the sidewalk and cars parked in front of buildings
Passeig De St Joan Boulevard by Lola Domènech
Passeig De St Joan Boulevard
the diagram shows different types of trees and plants in various stages of development, including an area
Sketch over photo, where photo is barely noticeable. Good use of collage, pen/pencil stroke, contrast.
an aerial view of a courtyard with many trees and bushes in the foreground, surrounded by tall buildings
coyoacan-corporate-campus-by-dlc_architects-01 « Landscape Architecture Platform
coyoacan-corporate-campus-by-dlc_architects-01 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an aerial view of a building with trees and plants
coyoacan-corporate-campus-by-dlc_architects-03 « Landscape Architecture Platform
coyoacan-corporate-campus-by-dlc_architects-03 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
two people walking down a sidewalk in the middle of an urban area with plants and trees
NEO Bankside by Gillespies
NEO Bankside by Gillespies « Landezine | Landscape Architecture Works