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How to postpone a Wedding or Event
There is absolutely no doubt that over the last few months we have all been riding a double loop roller coaster. Despite our challenges we have truly banded together as an industry. I have grown an even bigger passion for what we do as wedding professionals. One of the biggest challenges our industry has been facing is helping our clients re-plan, reschedule and re-design their wedding dreams. So, Lets cover some of the ways you can let guests know about a 'change of date' and what to expect.
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How to create a wedding day timeline
You guessed it, as a Wedding Planner I LOVE a timeline. They give me all the happy dance feels. I suppose you could think of it like the recipe for any good event. A Wedding Planner will live and breathe timelines and will be one of your most used tools on the wedding day. I am sharing with you my best tips, tried and tested methods and advice from over 12 years for creating an epic and functional timeline.
an open book with the title want to know how to create a killer wedding day timeline?
Want to know how to create a killer wedding day timeline?
Let's be honest, as a Wedding Planner I LOVE a good wedding day timeline and it is one of my most used and valuable tool during the wedding day. A wedding coordinator will swear by their timeline and is something they will have on hand, all day! Here we are giving you our top tips when it comes to creating a killer timeline - something I swear by.
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Wedding Planning Tips
Want to plan an epic wedding? Want to know what secrets every wedding planner uses? Here we give you some awesome tips to help plan and manage a beautiful wedding day.
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Become a Wedding Planner
​Our courses are written and created by some of the best industry experts from around New Zealand and Australia, professionals who run their own successful businesses. The aim of our online courses are to provide you with the knowledge and skills to further your career, start your own successful business or to freelance within the wedding industry.