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Sandwiches are always an easy go-to and can be quickly adapted for any specialty diet. Try some of these recipes for your lunch or dinner menu!
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three sandwiches with meat, lettuce and carrots on them sitting next to some dipping sauce
Bahn Mi Sandwich
a woman is cooking food on an electric griddle
Panini Presses
Take your favorite sandwich recipe to new heights with a panini press! A panini press is great for quesadillas, burgers, and, of course, sandwiches. #paniniideas
a person in white gloves is cooking a sandwich on an electric griddle
Panini Sandwich Grills
Make your favorite panini recipes the highest quality they can be with a panini press! A panini grill has grooved plates which create grill marks for an excellent presentation, while also ensuring complete contact with your product for consistent, even heat supply. Panini press recipes can range from quesadillas, hamburgers, and, of course, paninis!
bacon strips on a plate next to some jams and orange juice in a glass
Shop 45 kinds of Bulk Bacon
Pork bacon, turkey bacon, and even bacon jam available (if that is your jam). Bulk quantities available for your business.
a chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cheese on a white plate next to potato chips
Kohler 4 lb. Turkey Breast with Peppercorns - 2/Case
Whether you are making turkey subs or serving up the famous Hot Brown sandwich for the Kentucky Derby, these Kohler turkey breasts are a great addition to your deli lineup.
a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and meat on it next to chips
Bulk Beef
Kunzler 12 oz. Sliced Prime Rib Flavored Roast Beef - 8/Case
three red fire extinguishers hanging from hooks
25 LBS of Lebanon Bologna
what is lebanon bologna and how to make it at home?
What Is Lebanon Bologna?
What Is Lebanon Bologna?
a stack of grilled cheeseburger sandwiches on a plate
Patty Melt
Some say that the patty melt — a griddled sandwich of ground beef, caramelized onions, cheese, and rye bread — isn't technically a burger, because it has no bun. We love it just the same.
a grilled cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and olives on a blue plate
The Perfect Tuna Melt
The perfect Tuna Melt is ooey-gooey and packed full of delicious flavor, and perfect for the nights when you just want to put something on the table super quick or for that lunch date with your friends.
the instructions for how to make tarapa's authentic cuban sandwich
DCI Economic Development and Travel Market Research
four pictures showing different ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich with basil and tomato sauce
Pizza Margherita Grilled Cheese
Maybe with tomato sauce, pesto sauce, and fresh mozzarella?
spinach artichoke and spinach pizzas with text overlay that reads spinach artichoke and spinach pies
Spinach Artichoke Hand Pies
Spinach Artichoke Hand Pies