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Shrimp, lobster, scallops, and clams: these are some of the best recipes for delightful seafood ideas, information, and recipe inspiration!
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How to Shuck Oysters
If you want to spice up your restaurant menu or bar menu, oysters make great summer appetizers. Check out our video to learn how to shuck an oyster!
Scallops on a plate with lemon and herbs with text "complete guide to scallops" for summer dinner ideas. Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Grilling, Foods, Food, Dinner, Food Inspiration, Guide, Summer Dinner
The Complete Guide to Scallops
Whether you're looking for things to grill for dinner or summer dinner ideas, scallops are a great choice. Tap the link to learn more with our guide to scallops, and get started on your summer dinner recipes.
King crab legs with butter and lemon on a plate with text "how to cook king crab legs" Legs, Cooking, Easy, Quick, King Crab Legs, Clams, Crab Legs
How To Cook King Crab Legs
Indulge in the ultimate seafood experience with our easy-to-follow steps on how to cook king crab legs. Tap the link to learn more and save this blog for your king crab legs recipe or crab legs recipe.
Salmon on a plate topped with vegetables, herbs, flowers, and citrus.
Salmon is a versatile seafood option that tastes amazing in a variety of dishes. Tap the link to shop salmon for your summer salmon recipes, salmon filet recipes, or oven baked salmon.
Illustrated image of different types of crabs with text "types of crabs" Seafood, Type, General Foods, Seafood Boil
Types of Crabs
Not sure what type of crab you should use for your next crab recipe? Check out our guide on different types of crabs. From blue crabs to king crabs, this blog covers everything you need to know about the different types of crabs, including their appearance, taste, and where to find them. Whether you're a seasoned seafood enthusiast or just getting started, save this blog for your crab recipes. 🦀
Shrimp on a skewer and shrimp on a plate with text "Types of Shrimp". Scallops, How To Cook, Seafood Recipies, Flavor Profiles, Cook
Types of Shrimp
If shrimp is one of your go-to seafood options, check our blog detailing the different types of shrimp for your shrimp dinner ideas and seafood recipies. Learn more about each type of shrimp's unique flavor and texture, and our tips on how to cook and prepare them.
Illustrated image of oysters with text "What is Mignonette?"
What Is Mignonette?
Looking for a delicious way to enjoy oysters and clams? Look no further than mignonette sauce! Our latest blog explores this tangy and flavorful condiment, delving into its history, ingredients, and variations. Tap the link to learn more and save this pin for your summer dinners.
Sushi on a platter with blog title: "Types of Sushi and Sashimi" Popular, Types Of Sushi, Kinds Of Sushi, Different Types Of Sushi, Sushi Platter, Sushi, Dishes, Japanese Food
Types of Sushi and Sashimi
Need inpiration for your next sushi platter? From sushi rolls to creative twists, this blog covers all the different types of sushi you need to know about. Tap the link to learn more.
A three-tiered seafood tower holding various seafoods on ice. Low Carb Recipes, Food Display Stands, Catering Equipment, Catering Display, Catering, Seafood Tower, Catering Design, Aluminum Tray, Food Display
Valentines Dinner Idea: Seafood
If your partner loves seafood recipes, then make Valentines Day dinner extra special this year by using a seafood tower! Tap our link to get this seafood tower for your Valentines dinner.
two tacos sitting on top of a plate next to some guacamole
Grilled Tuna Taco Recipe
If you're looking for fresh tuna recipes, we have a beautiful fish taco recipe to add to your dinner ideas. This recipe for grilled tuna tacos with salsa verde and sweet hot cabbage slaw will make an excellent centerpiece for celebrations, food truck menus, or restaurant specials! #dinnerrecipe
a white plate topped with shrimp, rice and corn on top of a table cloth
Salsa and Mexican Sauces
Whether you're making shrimp, chicken, or ground beef recipes for your dinner ideas for the week, consider adding a flavorful and delicious salsa or sauce! Shop for fresh salsas and vibrant sauces through our link. Your dinner recipes just got a serious upgrade.
the types of crab meat on a white background with blue ribbon and leaves around it
Types of Crab Meat Infographic
Welcome to crab season! You're probably breaking out your crab recipes right now -- good call! From a crab cakes recipe, crab rangoon recipe, or really any seafood recipe, crab meat is a great addition.
four scallops with orange sauce and green garnish on white paper plates
Dinner Ideas: Seafood
Right now is the perfect time of the year to incorporate seafood into your dinner recipes. Our seafood category has everything from bivalves to shrimp or crabs to salmon. Whether you're looking for ingredients for your fish fry or seafood boil, we have everything you need to make it great! #platinginspiration #seafooddinner
three pieces of bread with shrimp and cucumber on them sitting on a white plate
Sale on Seafood!
With summer dinner recipes being made in full swing, there is no better protein option right now than seafood. Lucky for you, we're currently having a sale on our seafood products! Use the code SEAFOOD at checkout to save money or your next healthy lunch recipe or dinner idea!
oysters on plates with the words, the fastest way to shuck an oyster
How to Shuck Oysters
Alright, so you want to start offering oysters on your menu, but just thinking about having to shuck an oyster confuses and intimidates you. Not to worry! We've created a step-by-step guide and video to show you how the experts shuck oysters effectively and safely. Just in time for seafood season and to make gorgeous summer dinner ideas! #nocookmeals #summermeals