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Math teachers are one-of-a-kind--here are strategies, humor, and tips all about math.
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58 Amazing Picture Books About Math
Children's math books are the best tool for getting kids excited about math concepts and keeping math conversations going all day long!
there are many cups that have numbers on them in front of the bookshelf
50 Fun Hands-On Ways To Teach Multiplication
There’s a universal appeal about making stacks of cups, so don’t be surprised if kids clamor to play this game over and over again. Pull a cup, answer correctly, and stack. See who can get a stack of 10 first, or who can build the highest tower in 2 minutes, and so on.
a close up of a soccer ball with numbers and symbols on it's surface
50 Fun Hands-On Ways To Teach Multiplication
What better way to appeal to students than to combine math with one of their favorite activities? These fun balls can be used in so many ways to support learning.
what is financial literacy? plus activities, lesson plans, and more learn more cover image
What Is Financial Literacy? Plus Activities, Lesson Plans, and More
Teaching kids the value of money is important, but what is financial literacy? Here are the money skills kids and teens need to know.
a piece of paper with the words 100 math jokes and puns that make sum of your students'lol see full list
100 Math Jokes and Puns That'll Make "Sum" of Your Students LOL
Looking for a fun opener for your math class? We gathered 100 of the funniest math jokes to help get you started.
an easy way to teach fractions and addition skills
18 Best Strategies To Make Teaching Fractions Easier
Teaching fractions is inevitably tough. These lesson ideas and tricks will make it easier for young kids through high school.
several different pictures with text that says 27 clever ideas for teaching measurement of all kinds
27 Clever Ideas for Teaching Measurement of All Kinds
Try these fun activities to give kids practice with standard and nonstandard measurement, including weight, length, and capacity.
a green cover with the words financial literacy for kids lessons, activities and teaching tips
Financial Literacy for Kids: Lessons, Activities, and Teaching Tips
Teaching kids the value of money is important, but what is financial literacy? Here are the money skills kids and teens need to know.
a man standing in front of a whiteboard with the words how starting spiral review in math saved this teacher's year
How Starting Spiral Review in Math Saved This Teacher's Year
Spiral review in math: what is it? Why does it help? How do you start it? One teacher answers these questions and more.
a computer screen with the words 33 fun telling time games and activities see full list
33 Fun Ways To Teach Kids How To Tell Time
Looking for fun and interactive ways to teach time? Try these telling-time games and activities using Hula-Hoops, bingo boards, and more!
the screen time tracker is shown with text overlaying it and below it, there are
Transform Screen Habits with Our Screen Time Tracker
Unleash the secret to healthier screen habits with our fun and effective Screen Time Tracker! With a Daily, Weekly and Monthly version, it's perfect for parents and teachers alike. Download our free worksheet and start tracking progress towards a more balanced digital life. Don't wait – Download Now!
a crossword puzzle with two pencils next to it on top of a wooden table
50 Fun Hands-On Ways To Teach Multiplication
Here’s a twist on color-by-number. First, kids have to answer the multiplication problems in each square. Then they get to color! Get a free set of these pages at Artsy Fartsy Mama.
several colorful kites with numbers on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
50 Fun Hands-On Ways To Teach Multiplication
We love finding new and clever ways to practice math facts! Get these free printables, then let kids color and fold them up. Now they’ve got self-checking practice at their fingertips.
two dices are sitting on top of a game board with the word array capture
50 Fun Hands-On Ways To Teach Multiplication
You can use dice-in-dice or just a regular pair of dice for this game. Players roll the dice and use the numbers to block off space on the grid, writing in the math sentence too. At the end of the game, the player with the most spaces colored in wins.
a green book cover with the words 3 math poem for students in all grade levels see full list
38 Math Poems for Students in All Grade Levels
We've compiled a list of math poems for students of all grade levels that are perfect for the classroom or distance learning.