Mentoring New Teachers

Ideas and advice on how to be a great teacher mentor and help new (and not-so-new) teachers succeed in the classroom.
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an open letter to middle school teachers
An Open Letter to Middle School Teachers
Read this teacher's encouraging open letter to middle school teachers—both her own, and the ones she now works with.
what is culturally responsible for teaching and why does it matter? learn more cover image
What Is Culturally Responsive Teaching and Why Does It Matter?
Use culturally responsive teaching strategies to help every student connect with learning and see its relevance to their own lives.
the text reads 5 flexible and lucrative side jobs for teachers who want to make extra money read more
55 Legit Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money
From selling lesson plans to tutoring, writing, and beyond, these flexible side jobs for teachers are a great way to make extra cash.
the title for what is idea? a guide for teachers and parents learn more
What Is IDEA? A Guide for Educators and Parents
IDEA is a federal law that makes Free Appropriate Public Education available to children with disabilities. Here's what you need to know.
This week on Ask WeAreTeachers, we cover middle school denial, another teacher's harmful lesson, and a coffee date with a parent. Parent Teacher Communication, Parents As Teachers, Student Teaching, Teaching Career, Middle School Student, Student Teaching Resources, Passive Aggressive
Help! I'm Tired of My Middle School Students Gaslighting Me
This week on Ask WeAreTeachers, we cover middle school denial, another teacher's harmful lesson, and a coffee date with a parent.
a green cover with the words iep accommodations vs modifications what's the difference?
IEP Accommodations vs. Modifications: What’s the Difference?
Accommodations and modifications are standard IEP fare. Here's how to distinguish between them and how to implement them in your classroom.
the words what is a manifestation determination meeting? and an image of a yellow circle
What Is a Manifestation Determination Meeting?
A manifestation determination meeting can be particularly dicey because emotions are running high, so go in prepared.
a woman looking at books in a library with the words teachers are sharing their favorite ways to amp themselves up for a new school year
Teachers Share Their Favorite Ways To Get Amped Up for a New School Year
Getting excited for back-to-school is not for the faint of heart. Take inspiration from these teachers' time-honored traditions!
a woman and two children walking down the street with text that reads 5 things that are absolutely true about teaching siblings
5 Things That Are Absolutely True About Teaching Siblings
What happens when you spot a familiar last name on your roster? You've probably encountered these truths about teaching siblings.
a purple background with the words 40 philosophy of education examples, plus how to write your own check them out
40 Philosophy of Education Examples for Job-Hunting Teachers
Many educators are being asked to define their teaching philosophy. Find real philosophy of education examples and tips for building yours.
the front cover of a book with an image of florida on it and text that reads teacher
Teacher Salary Stories: An Elementary Art Teacher Making $40,200 in Northeast Florida
In this Teacher Salary Story, a second-career art teacher discusses not receiving raises and having to fundraise for her classroom.
the text reads, this tiktok perfectly illustrated why teachers are overstituted read more
This TikTok Perfectly Illustrates Why Teachers Are Overstimulated
Teachers are overstimulated. But how do we show what this is like to a non-teacher? Gabe Dannenbring has the perfect video.
an image of children talking to each other with the caption help our principals is canceling bathroom breaks
Help! Our Principal is Canceling Bathroom Breaks
This week on Ask WeAreTeachers, we cover bathroom breaks, final exam failures, and how to cut down on parent meetings.
the text reads, 5 powerful ways to use canva for education plus free templates read
51 Powerful Ways To Use Canva for Education (Plus Free Templates)
Step-by-step instructions and tips to get started with Canva for Education. Plus classroom ideas, including free templates!
a computer screen with the text teachers are talking about how teaching has affects their personal privacy read more
Teachers Are Talking About How Teaching Has Affected Their Personal Privacy
Teaching affects privacy in a number of ways. These firsthand experiences and insights make us wonder: Is there a solution?