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three different flavors of ice cream and desserts in cups with chocolate toppings on them
Foodtrends in Korea für den Sommer 2022
an advertisement for shortcake ice cream with strawberries on top
a green drink with ice cream and sprinkles in it on a white plate
Blender Matcha Kakigori Recipe (Japanese Shaved Ice) - Veggiekins Blog
Blender Matcha Kakigori – Japanese Shaved Ice - ice cubes, matcha, water, maple syrup (sub another sweetener), toppings options (e.g. dango, sweet red bean, dairy free condensed milk - she lists recipes for all of these - dairy free ice cream)
Mango Kakigori
What toppings would you want on a mango Kakigori?
a person holding up a cupcake covered in pink frosting
[I ate] Elderberry and Elderflower Espuma kakigori
two large chocolate cookies with pink frosting stacked on top of each other and one has a candle in the middle
h o l l a
a piece of cake on a plate with cherries
six cupcakes with chocolate frosting and cherries on top are arranged in small boxes