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saw this being used on I77 & I85 connection near Charlotte NC - it had a dump bed on it = so glad to see this photo = wondered how they moved it = amazing

Thats one big ass truck! Thats one big ass truck! Thats one big ass truck!

Peterbilt teams up with Local Motors for contest to design the big rig of the future

Computer rendering of a Peterbilt concept truck. Would love to see this on the highway.

diamond heavy haul | Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc.- The Oversize/Overdimensional Superloads ...

How would you like to try to maneuver this oversize load? Heavy Equipment Training "Train one or train all" www.

Peterbilt Custom Truck

Tractor-Trailer Fleet Transitioning From Diesel to NatGas if I had a semi it would look like this!


An Hornet from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Two Three releases 1000 pound bombs during a series of Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) adjacent stores release tests over the Atlantic Test Range.


free Lockheed AC 130 Wallpaper Military Aircrafts Planes wallpaper, resolution : 2560 x tags: Lockheed AC Spectre gunship jettisons flares wallpaper flares war gunship aircraft plane Lockheed Boeing airforce.