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Netherlands Temperature Quilt 2023
See photo for name of creator. Trees at the bottom signify the temperature key. Roof represents high temps, bottom of house is low temps. The doors on the right indicate the first day of the month.
a colorful quilt hanging on the side of a building
Temperature Quilt 2018
Temperature Quilt 2018
a colorful quilt with houses on it
TEMPERATURE QUILT – Bella Rose Quilts Blog
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"It is a daily temperature quilt. There are 7 strips to each row representing Sunday - Saturday of each week. 52 weeks in all. The color is representative of the high temperature for each day. Cooler colors for cooler temps, warmer for warmer. One day extra will be incorporated into the backing. Linda Joyner Lehn, Quiltville Open Studio
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Katja Marek on Instagram: “It was a 💜purple day in Kamloops yesterday💜Usually July is our hottest month here, but this has been an unusual year. We’ve finally…”
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The Temperature Quilt
The Temperature Quilt | Jaybird Quilts
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temperature quilt ideas
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I always love seeing friends at the quilt show But was doubly excited to the Jean jacket that she added my Terry Blocks to the back of it… | Instagram
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Nicole Moore | Take a look at this gorgeous quilt! 2022 Temperature Quilt by Tia Curtis. We extend our sincerest congratulations to all the participants… | Instagram