Breeze block wall

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an architectural model of three concrete structures
Virage Paver - Permacon
an outdoor area with a table and chairs in the foreground, water behind it
Virage Paver - Permacon
an advertisement for the pool with people playing in it and one person holding a ball
drew's grooveland: Photo
อิฐโบราณแกลบ 4“x8”
ก่อดิบไม่ติดฉาบ อิฐโชว์
a long hallway with wooden slats on the walls and flooring in front of it
Light plays a key role in the connection between clay and voids at Lantern House
an outdoor area with stone and brick walls
Breeze Block Mariposa
an orange and white tile with the words breze mold on it's side
a woman sitting on a bench in front of a wall and holding a cell phone
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Love these! Modern Charlotte - decorative concrete blocks