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PP: Bernie Sanders. Conscience of the Senate.

"If you think it's too expensive to take care of veterans, then don't send them to war. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Best anti-war pro-veteran/troop statement ever.

Bernie Sanders for President!

My Hippie Trails novels arise in the counterculture experience of the and We had a taste of what could be.

This is a public servant. While HRC was out working for the GOP & getting big money into politics, #Bernie was leading the way to a better America! #Vote4Bernie!

My Hippie Trails novels stand witness to the fact the Revolution of Peace & Love is far from over. Just listen to Bernie Sanders .

UNCHRISTIAN behavior of the Koch Republicans. They claim to be Christians but their behavior is the complete opposite.

Faux Christians complaining about "paying for some whore's birth control" (healthcare) or welfare feeding kids, elderly, disabled. But they're fine with a wall and banning certain religions.