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Here are some creative magazine cover designs to inspire you on a Monday afternoon

Jay-Z’s 2010 “King of America” Rolling Stone cover, done in collage. Artist Andy Gellenberg writes: “My purpose on this sized collage work was to recreate a magazine cover out of its own.


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Dockers Typographic Ads | These silhouettes made from type are not only a cool concept, but they’re very well executed with the varying sizes, different styles, and diverse textures. It’s something that could have been done in a very boring, predictable way, but all the right details were tended to and it turned out beautifully. I love that each one seems to representing a different personality by the typefaces mixed inside the man’s silhouette.

This ad is for Dockers pants. The slogan, "Wear the pants", targets the male species because men are sterotyped to be the ones in charge. Wearing pants, both phsyically and mentally, relate to being a true man.

By Caroline Grohs

German graphic designer Caroline Grohs created a great branding for a fictitious theater named "Motion Theater". "The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their connections to the theater, so that it

Skyrim. Where dragons can sneak up on you and you can shoot a guard in the face with an arrow while making him believe it was just the wind.

Kharjo: "If anyone sneaks up on us, I'll smell them coming. Or I might not. We'll see.