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the text is written in black and white
Water Retention Can Be Fun for Everyone - Healthy Medicine Tips
a woman's lips are shown with pink liquid on the bottom and bottom lip
an english text with the words daily use vocaulary in two different languages
Spoken English | ThinkEnglish
a list with the words'ways to say i agree'in english and spanish
Ways To Say I Agree, English Phrases Examples - Lessons For English
the daily routine and activities for children to do in their school's day care
Daily Routines in English - English Grammar Here
an english poster with two people talking to each other and the words'daily use english sentence
50 Daily Use English Sentences, Example Sentences - English Grammar Here
a question card with the words conversation on it and an image of a person's head
Questions to Help You Start a Conversations
a poster with the words'let's communicate - speaking phrases for students to learn
Let's Communicate - Speaking Phrases - English Grammar Here
an english sentence with the words used in daily life on it and two question marks
100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life - English Grammar Here
the 25 fruits names in india with their respective names and abbreviations on each one
28 Fruits Name in Hindi and English with Pictures (+Video +Free Ebook)
a list of the top ten languages in english and thai language, with some words written below
Learn English