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a skeleton holding a bird on top of it's head in front of an ornate frame
Swooned by the Fullest of Moons — ex0skeletal: Reapers of the Apocalypse by Ryan...
three skulls stacked on top of each other with pen and ink drawings in the middle
See no Evil - Hear no Evil - Speak no Evil ballpoint pen 29.7x42cm
a graph showing the number of eggs in each egg
Guide to the Best Knife Steel
Guide to Knife Steels
an image of two different types of hammers on a white background, one is purple and the other is blue
The Pixel Smith
How to Forge a Railroad Spike Axe (by thepxsmith) • Smash the point into the shaft. • Keep smashing. • Try to keep it from bending while smashing. • When you get to 4”-4.5” you can stop smashing (Your...
an iron chair with chains on it in front of a grassy area and trees behind it
Reminds me of leatherwork. Thanks, Dane! riveted rings.
three knives are laying next to each other on a metal surface with a sticker
Hand Forged rebar Knives by Fablab808 Studios - Hawaii
a metal hook with two long nails sticking out of it's end on a blue background
a knife that is laying on the ground next to a wooden stick and some grass
Collectible Tactical Axes & Hatchets for sale | eBay
Blacksmith Hand Forged Spontoon Tomahawk English Walnut Shoulder Harness Ball
a metal latch on a wooden door with wood planks in the backround
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bear hinge
two knives are laying on the ground next to each other in front of some leaves
Andy Alm Custom Knives
Andy Alm Custom Knives :: knives from railroad spikes
a light that is on the side of a wall with a lamp attached to it
Product Detail
Anvil Mounted Sconce, Hand-forged Steel Light Fixture | Heirloom Hand Forged Design
several different types of scissors are shown in this drawing style, and each one is drawn with