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an advertisement for let's cut out waste
CreativeRace Develops Sustainability Toolkit for ASDA Supermarkets - World Brand Design Society
CreativeRace - ASDA sustainable stores #retail #branding
six boxes of birthday cake cookies are lined up against each other on a white background
Partake Crunchy Cookie Variety Pack (uk only)
almond milk carton and box of almond dairy - free beverage on a white background
2020 Silver Vertex Award Winners
three bags of chocolate and cream desserts
Forest Feast releases Signature Chocolate Nut range in UK
three hot air balloons floating in the sky with clouds drawn on it's sides
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a wooden vase with chocolate and nuts on it's top, sitting in front of a brown background
2yolk Branding and Design Agency - Hatziyiannakis Choco bits Packaging
three bags of chocolate treats sitting next to each other
Hatziyiannakis Choco Bits
an orange poster is hanging on the wall next to a sign that says loney palm ranch
The Original Lonely Palm Ranch Calendar: 2024
Our first and signature product. The limited edition Lonely Palm Ranch calendar. 2024 edition. 12 pages 12"x24" Hand silk-screened on 65# vellum using water-based inks Comes with 2 Puebco large extra-strong clips for hanging PRE-SALE: Please note 2024 calendars are part of our yearly pre-sale. The Pfleeger family prints calendar pages all year long and begins shipping calendars on a first-come first-served basis in October.
the inside of a store filled with lots of bottles and shelves full of products on display
dear mayuko | 日本デザインセンター
a can of citrus sparkling coffee on a grey background with an orange in the middle
Keepers Unveils New Can Design - COOL HUNTING®
three different types of hair care products are arranged in the shape of an occupant
a blue book with black letters on it
Triple Embossing
驚異の3段エンボス加工! 原料を8層重ねて抄くという 「 バルキーボール 」 の製法から着想されたデザインは、紙が積層されているようにも、等高線を立体化したようにも見えます。今回はこの積層を表現するために 『 エンボス加工を3段階に押し分ける 』 という、まさに良い意味で変態的な仕様での加工になります。 #design #art #hotstmaping #cosmotech
A cardboard soft green tea box with an embossed line pattern inspired by Kyoto gardens. It features the company, Baseline, logo and product description inside a pebble shape. Matcha, Studio, Premium Packaging, Tea Packaging
Baseline Matcha — Merel Lloyd-Parker Studio