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If confidence could be bottled, it would be an overnight sensation. Confidence is a trait we admire in others and lament the absence of in ourselves. But while some people may indeed just be born confident, it’s a skill the rest of us can easily acquire. As all the best performers and public spea...

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50 Awesome Sandwiches, Burgers and Sliders.... this list is the perfect GO TO for spring and summer! So many yummy unique and delicious options to choose from!

Knock Your Socks Off Tailgate Sliders Greek Stuffed Burgers Egg Salad Sandwiches Chicken Cordon Bleu Sliders Buffalo Chicken Sliders Creamy Jalapeño Stuffed Bur

How to Brine Chicken Breast Easy for Best Juicy Recipe

Chicken breast is one of the more versatile proteins. It pairs well with many herbs and seasonings, can be prepared using a number of cooking methods, and is lower in fat than.


The 7 core beliefs in this book are pretty fundamental, but many companies (and people) today have lost sight of these essential values. Keep them in mind and SOAR.

The Ultimate Cupcake Guide shows how different ingredients and techniques make cupcakes light, greasy, fluffy, dense, crumbly, or moist!

The Ultimate Cupcake Guide compares six batches of cupcakes to discover which ingredients techniques make cupcakes light, dense, greasy, crumbly, or moist.

Job interview tips

Common interview Question and Answer covers that employers will generally expect to hear about.Question and Answer People Who Know Ask Experie

Red Velvet Truffles. I love pretty eating I never thought about dipping in. White chocolate

It's Red Velvet season! Yes, red velvet has a season. These red velvet cake truffles are perfect for parties. Everyone loves them. You could even bake one batch with red food coloring and one batch with green food coloring for a festive mix!