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Succulent garden with rock planters. This is how we can dress all the rocks :) A marvellous idea & all nature

A fun way to use all those shells the kids collect during summer trips to the beach.

Driftwood, shells, and string are all you need for a beach-inspired mobile. Drill small holes through driftwood. Thread string through and tie a knot at one end. On the other end, tie shells. Hang from the ceiling to enjoy the beach scene every day.

40 Easy Beach Craft Ideas To Make This Summer - Big DIY IDeas

Cleaning and restoring colors in seashells.Rinsed in warm water and soak for 24 hours in bleach water. After totally drying, rub each shell with baby oil or with satin varnish to preserve natural color. Gonna clean my shells from the cape this weekend

Creating summer sheets with fabric paint and sea shells

Print Bed Sheets with Shells shell adorned sheets 'how to' tutorial - could be really great for cloth napkins as a gift. Really want fantastic suggestions regarding arts and crafts?

what to do with all those shells (and things!) you've been saving on

Have seashells and things that you collected on your beach vacay? Put them to great use with these beach craft ideas. From chic home accessories to statement decor pieces, these DIYs are fun, easy, and For more DIY ideas, go to Domino.

DIY shell candles. Ahh I would have never thought of this! Totally getting some seashells from the Bahamas to do this with when I leave in 2 weeks!

DIY Beach Wedding Inspiration Idea - Learn how to create these DIY Seashell Candles with your shell collection and candle wax. cute I kinda like beach wedding idea since I'm so close and I'm sure its not as much:-D

Shell and starfish wall decor,,,could make from things we find on the beach

Finally, something to do with all the shells/sea glass/driftwood we collect!

DIY shell candles. This would be great for a beach party!

Lovely candle idea that I should try out. Collect shells from the beach next time I'm there x

.lovely idea. need to get me to the beach,lol

Another sea glass idea

50 Magical DIY Ideas with Sea Shells | Do it yourself ideas and projects

different things to do with shells from anklets to photo frames