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the wall is decorated with many different items
The Frugal Female is under construction
DIY Wall Art- clean out that junk drawer, paint everything (I think monochromatic looks best), decide on a shape/image, mount on watercolor paper and frame. - The Frugal Female
some crates are stacked on top of each other in front of an oven and microwave
15 Insanely Cool Ideas for Storing Fresh Produce - HomeDesignInspired
#6. Add farmhouse style to kitchen by replacing cabinet drawers with these old wooden crates.
a dog standing in front of a fireplace with pictures on the mantel above it
I love this sooo much.
a book shelf filled with toys and figurines
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Ben Pentreath {eclectic vintage bohemian traditional modern living room / fireplace}
too much of a good thing. no room to breathe above the fireplace will get old. the cool chairs and lovely pillows are overshadowed by the swamped symmetry they're competing with. we think sticking a few simple modern white chairs in front of the hearth instead would make this lovely. [text copyright vintmo]
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a shelf filled with pictures
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eclectic and eccentric decor
a bed with an elephant tapestry hanging over it's head
Lady Scorpio | @Ladyscorpio101 ☽☽ ☆ Perfect Bedroom Decor for the Hippie at heart ♡
a bed with blue and white comforters on it
shiborihulluus - Outi Les Pyy
shiborihulluus « Outi Les Pyy
several pictures of different types of plants and animals in the garden, including an animal house
Start A Fire
Green Roof Shed at Chasewater, Innovation Centre, Brownhills, Staffordshire UK. Photo: Garden Shed by Thislefield Plants Design - Gardens For Life
a wooden platform under a tree with a roof and stairs leading up to the top
a mini-treehouse nest-nook would be in order
a kitchen sink sitting under a mirror next to a shelf filled with plates and cups
Decor Inspiration: Eclectic Vintage Kitchens
Time for Fashion » Decor Inspiration: Eclectic Vintage Kitchens
three different types of ceramic rabbits sitting next to each other
Bunny Succulent Planters
Bunny Succulent Planters - thrift store finds get a makeover.
a room with plates on the wall and a dresser in front of it that is next to a doorway
20 Beautifully Curated Spaces: The Eclectic Collector Look
Love this! What to do with all of those decorator plates you've collected over the years!