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an artistic painting with black ink on white paper, depicting the word love in chinese writing
Khám Phá Ý Nghĩa Hình Xăm Chữ Nhẫn
Khám Phá Ý Nghĩa Hình Xăm Chữ Nhẫn | Blog
two colorful birds sitting next to each other on top of a blue and orange background
Mystical Creature Bi Yi Bird | 比翼鸟
Each Bi Yi has only one eye, wing, and foot and cannot fly until it finds the perfect matchable one to fly side by side. 《山海经·海外南经》记载:“其状如凫,一翼一目,相得乃飞。” As long as they find each other, they will never be apart; hence, the Bi Yi Bird represents great love in Chinese culture. 在天愿作比翼鸟,在地愿为连理枝。(唐|白居易) Picture from 嗷呜小奶熊.
a black and white photo of a skull with flowers on it's head,
A Beautiful Halloween (YouBlush)
A Beautiful Halloween More
a skull with red flowers on it and the words sarah written in green ink