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a piece of paper that has been cut into pieces
Water colour and gold leaf #texture #design
a piece of art that looks like it is made out of wood
Triangle Bricks
an architectural model is shown on a white surface in the dark, with black background
1:50 model of the Clam building in China #architecture #dunedin #model
a white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden floor
The first view you see as you walk into the exhibition space. Venice, Italy. #venice #model #architecture
a black and white photo of an architectural model with many pieces on it's sides
Architectural Model #architecture #model #design #dunedin
a close up view of an intricately designed umbrella
Detail #detail #design
an architectural model of a building with white walls and roof, on black background in low light
MSF Clam
A prototype design feature of part of our balustrade Prototype Design, Arch
A prototype design feature of part of our balustrade
an abstract painting with black and silver leaves in the center, on a dark background
Bronze Door design in process
an image of some strange shapes in the dark
Clam roof detailing design for MSF HQ #detail #architecture #clam #nature
an abstract image of a building with many windows
MSF HQ tower and balustrade design
a model of a building made out of white paper
1:200 model of the MSF HQ project in our Dunedin Office
a black and white photo of a man holding up a model of a building that looks like a bridge
A 1:50 Scale model section of MSF HQ
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs set up for dinner or wine tasting in front of a stone wall
Studio Van Brandenburg