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I have some latest articles on autism that I want to share with my office mate who has a son that has autism. There are new developments, primarily dietary changes that claim that it helps issues autistic children deal with everyday. #autismarticles


I need to learn more about bird nutrition. I just learned that the bird food I was giving my parrot is high in cholesterol! #birdfood


It was a good thing that the veterinarians I talk to told me specific bird food brands that are worth trying. He also told me that birds eat natural food. I don't have to give them seeds all the time. #birdfood

My sister’s son has been diagnosed with autism. It is still a shock for us and we are still hurting. But we are determined to understand the whole scenario. We are now reading about articles on autism and how best we can deal with it. #autismarticles

This site is just awesome! I really hate going to the mall just to buy something as I don’t like driving and all the more looking for a parking slot. This site offered me a solution to all my garden tools needs! #gardentools

I need to do some research on autism because I have a presentation about it two weeks. We are studying about special child development delays and autism is one of them. #autismarticles

The bird food in pellets form is good varieties instead of just seeds. Those are high in cholesterol. #birdfood

Thank you for mentioning a few points about bird food. I think I would need to make sure that I buy nutritious content from now on. #birdfood

My mom is an advocate on autism. She makes sure to pass on articles on autism that she feels we need to know. I admire her dedication and passion. She also gets to be helpful with other people who are totally clueless about this condition. #autismarticles

Maybe the bird food I saw at the store was worth a try. I was rushing home when I noticed and didn’t have the time. I will be back for it later. #birdfood