David Trubridge

David Trubridge is an internationally recognised designer. Clean and refined, fresh and essential, the jewellery designs are reminiscent of the patterns, rhythms and life forms observed in the wild. A new jewellery range,which we produce exclusively here at Unio Goldsmith for David Trubridge is inspired by this minimalism and simplicity. These small glistening gems are brought to life; experiences within a granule of sand, a drifting twig, a shell gleaming in the sunlight, transformed.
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David Trubridge – Unio Goldsmith

David Trubridge is an internationally recognised designer.

Wing Pendant – Unio Goldsmith

Wings of Icarus, of life, of glimpsing light where darkness lies.

Koura Earrings – Unio Goldsmith

David Trubridge, known for his plywood signature lights, has created a jewelry collection called Adorn.

Flax Pendant – Unio Goldsmith

Flax, available as pendant, earrings & brooch, by Adorn Jewellery.

Flax Earrings – Unio Goldsmith

Increasingly recognised on the international design stage, David's well known plywood signature