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there are adults on pinterest
i wanna cry
a person laying in bed with a thought bubble above them that says, i wonder if they ever think about me
it haunts me everyday
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a cartoon character is standing in the shower with his arms crossed and looking at something
an image of two people hugging each other with the words me and you on them
a pink heart with the words, the problem is fujoshis on it
I fucking hate maths
a drawing of a person with hearts around him and the caption that says, the feeling after puking
a drawing of a person with a thought bubble saying just one more save then i'll sleep
ya and it’s always in front of someone swag 😋💯
a screen with the words alive or just breathing on it
Vivendo na Eternidade
a sign that says, stick of getting jeallous over everything with black lettering
a cartoon stick figure is standing in front of a pile of money with the caption time to relive the same day since march 20