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Handmade by artisans in the Ehime Prefecture, Oey's Mutsumi Hashi chopsticks are beautifully linked together with Mizuhiki, a Japanese paper twine made from water, glue and silk. Traditionally tied onto gifts, the ancient Mizuhiki artform symbolizes a heart-to-heart connection. $30

The Japanese design brand O-E-Y have produced a new set of chopsticks and dining accessories in bright, living color. The Mutsumi Hashi Chopsticks are a r

Chopstick etiquette is no joke! Nobody will judge you if you fumble a bit, but the items listed here are definitely faux pas.

Chopsticks what NOT todo. especially "Shoveling with tamago gohan", "Resting", "skewering" ect. But definitely don't do "Standing" and "Transferring".

Modern Chopsticks - Black

Modern Chopsticks - Black

Modern Chopsticks For The Chinese New Year | Food Republic

My Hashi Chopsticks + Case, perfect for a reusable chopstick that looks great too.

The bold graphic pattern on these otherwise ordinary chopstick packages make quite the statement.

-Nice bold use of colours Minna Tomei - Asian Kitchen - Restaurant Branding by Koniak Design