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make up
love nude gloss
Old armoire used for big TV transformed into a bar. Removed two large front doors, and adapted the interior. Work involved was minimal.
Chalkboard paint on a dresser!! Great idea!!! doing this for my little artists that have drawn all over there nightstands.... like we don't have paper!
That's so sweet! For a little girl's room
budget. I love Dave Ramsey and financial peace! Please please look into it! It has helped my husband and I so much. Our first year of marriage could have been scary if we didn't take the class before we got married.
So cute for a little girls room! Magnet glued to a flower and attached to a thumb tack in the wall! Minimal holes to fill in later!
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DIY console table! I've been looking to buy one but this would be perfect! This will be my project once all of the painting is done!