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Fun and simple strategy for practicing vocabulary

Looking for an easy and fun teaching idea for your students to practice their vocabulary words? My students loved it and never realized they were learning! This strategy can work for any grade, from kindergarten to high school!

haerie mai. everything is ka pai. you're here at last, you're really here at last.

Making Te Reo ‘cool’ essential to language’s future - Massey University


A lot of people have asked if I'm fluent in Māori after my year of total immersion. The answer is absolutely ... not! Sadly, there's no such thing as a fast track when it comes to te reo Māori. That's lesson one for you. Lesson two is that you have to go backwards into the past in order to go forward. At first, I resisted. Like so many others, I came to the reo with a lot of emotional baggage — guilt, shame, fear. I was pretty happy with the way I’d vacuum-sealed my past into a compact…